Client Results

Kathy Glazer brings a broad nutritional perspective to issues of health and wellness. Her insights are always valuable and thought-provoking. I am glad that I have been  a client for several years.

~ Steven Levy

Kathy’s coaching delivers knowledge and that knowledge has given me the power to understand my body and what it needs. I would highly recommend Kathy to my loved ones.

~ Barbara D.B.

Kathy was very knowledgeable about the various diet or lifestyle choices that I presented to her. She was very focused on making sure that she assisted me with reaching my ultimate goal without trying to convince me to live a different life. 

It was refreshing to feel like someone was listening to me and trying to help as opposed to trying to be heard. Her due diligence has stood out as a key benefit as my issues and concerns seemed to change almost constantly.

~ Jeremy Day

My husband and I both enjoyed working with Kathy Glazer when we lived in DC. My husband had never been on a structured eating program and Kathy coached him on the basics of good nutrition and weight control. I had been on many past diet programs but badly needed help to get back on track. Kathy helped reset my motivation and show me where my blind spots were. Kathy’s expertise, advice, and support are well-suited to help people on all stages of their health and fitness journey.

~ C.L.

I’ll give it to you straight Kathy Glazer has made a major difference in my health.Her expert guidance regarding nutrition & health practices helped me gain control of my glucose levels, and reduce my blood pressure levels. I have changed my eating habit for the better and exercise is a normal part of my life. Thank you, Kathy.

~ Lisa M. Downing
I highly recommend Kathy Glazer if you want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off, and don’t want extreme or fad diets.  Kathy is also a friendly professional with upbeat manner, sense of humor, easy to talk to and will keep you motivated and help you keep a positive attitude.  She’ll answer your questions and concerns and keep you up to date on nutritional info.

Kathy helps you set realistic weekly goals which make it easier to lose weight because you focus on changing or modifying the behaviors that made you gain weight instead of just focusing on the numbers on the scale.  This helped me have a sense of accomplishment and success while understanding why I gained the weight.

Kathy always encouraged and supported me through my weight lost program even when I had set backs or going through life’s ups and downs.  She has very positive sayings and quotes to keep you motivated, e.g.  “It’s a journey, not a race” or “Progress not Perfection”.

Kathy was flexible and was able to modify or add to my nutrition needs or adjust for medical issues that changed over time. She gave me helpful information and always willing to explain things or answer questions each session.

Kathy set up a realistic eating program (no extreme diets or fads) with advice for getting through holidays and special occasions.  She has the holistic approach to overall health – diet, exercise, mental outlook so that you can take this knowledge and advice with you for the rest of your life.  She’s always available even after you reach your weight goal if you need additional sessions or need help getting back on track.
~ C.B., Washington, DC

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