5 Helpful Ways to Eat Healthier During the Holidays                            

5 Tips for Holiday Eating

How to enjoy the holidays and not overeat

Are you in a swirl of holiday activities? don’t have time for yourself, let alone time to eat healthily and keep your family eating healthy? Let me tell you some ways to make this more manageable. If you have treats and rich foods frequently read on as to what to do.
A table laden with holiday food, ham, potatoes, green beans,& 2 pecan pies

1. Don’t eat standing up. Since you are standing most of the time at a typical holiday party it may be useful to apply this rule. Other activities are more compelling and what you’re eating gets ignored. If you sit down you’re likely to be more attentive to what and how much you’re eating

2. Avoid Finger Foods.🤌🏾 Don’t eat anything that doesn’t require utensils. Much like standing and eating, finger foods are often consumed as an incidental activity. Another way to do this is to plate every you are going to eat at one time, and then eat it. So you can see what you are consuming ( it avoids mindless eating).

3. You don’t have to clean your plate.🍛 Your mother is not watching and it’s ok to have leftovers. If this offends your sense of waste, or if your mother is there, freeze leftovers or give each guest some leftovers to take home after the party. The best alternative is to put less stuff on your plate!

4. No one care, or notices👁👁 what you’re eating🍗 Don’t feel pressure to eat because of the occasion or any obligation to eat Aunt Mary’s cake or drink Uncle Joe’s cocktail. Unless it’s a sit-down dinner ( in which case the hostess will notice what everyone is eating ), no one cares what you have on your plate, no less how much of it you’ve consumed. If there is a food pusher🤚🏽 in your crowd the best thing to say ” It’s so delicious, but I can’t eat another bite. ” You just have complimented your hostess or host and said NO❗️

5.No one cares what you are drinking🍷 You can manage quite well without a drink in your hand. If you are convinced otherwise, a glass of sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime, or a low-cal beverage will do just as well, mainly if it is in the same shape glass. Alcohol contains many nutritionally empty calories and impairs your judgment about eating,( you eat more) driving, and other important kinds of behavior.

Bonus tip. Alcohol leads to eating more food.🍷 Your body does not recognize liquid calories as well as solid calories, so you may not feel as full with the liquid calories and eat more!🍽️

Do you have a special treat or dish that you have once a year? If that is the case then go ahead and have a small portion and enjoy it.

If you follow the 5 tips it will help you make your holiday joyous and less stressful and healthier. It can be very challenging to survive the holiday time if you are having trouble. that’s where I can help. Book a discovery call

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