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Easy Meal Planning

Healthy Weight Loss

Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle with?

  • Losing weight and keeping it off?
  • Changing your dietary habits?
  • Practice mindful eating and balancing what you eat 
  • Self-esteem, feeling chronically tired and anxious?
  • Balancing time? You are so busy, how to cook, plan menus, and find time to exercise.

Let’s work together as part of a team by helping you control your eating.

We will use a plan that does not compromise taste or nutrition. Work together to help you achieve your weight management goals by developing an eating plan with your favorite foods at an appropriate calorie level combined with regular physical activity.

Health Coaching

We work together to improve your health with diet modification, lifestyle changes, behavior modification, and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. Follow-up sessions include accountability, motivation, support, guidance, and action steps to take.

Menu Planning

Menu planning will help you eat healthier. You will shop and purchase more efficiently and thus save money, and time and decrease food waste.


Informational eBooks on a variety of nutrition, and health topics with recipes included are available at the store. Check it out as one is absolutely FREE!

What Kathy’s Clients Are Saying

“Kathy Glazer has made a major difference in my health. Her expert guidance regarding nutrition and health practices helped me gain control of my glucose levels and reduce my blood pressure.” – Lisa M. Downing

“Kathy helps you set realistic weekly goals which make it easier to lose weight because you focus on changing or modifying the behaviors that made you gain weight instead of just focusing on the numbers on the scale.” – C.B.

“Kathy Glazer brings a broad nutritional perspective to issues of health and wellness. Her insights are always valuable and thought-provoking. I am glad that I have been a client for several years.” – Steven Levy

Kathy Glazer

About Kathy Glazer

As an R.D.N. Kathy helps you achieve weight management goals by developing an eating plan with your favorite foods at an appropriate calorie level combined with regular physical activity.

Is an integral part of your health-care team by helping you control your eating plan without compromising taste or nutrition when dealing with your health issues. Kathy works with your doctor to fine-tune your diet with food choices that do not aggravate your condition.

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