Nutrition Tips

  1. On half your plate put vegetables and fruit. On the other half anything you want.It has been shown over time that the 2nd half of the plate will tend to be healthy foods if you load up on fruits and vegetables on the other side. ( Brian Wansink- Author of “Mindless Eating”, &” Slim by Design”)
  1. If you are trying to lose weight keep a food record/log of what you eat. If you have trouble recording your intake, try recording your problem areas or days (example- nights and weekends.) Research shows that you lose more weight when you keep track of your intake. National Weight Loss Registry
  1. Get your beauty sleep. ( 7-9 hrs) When you are sleep deprived you lose REM sleep which is the time period you burn fat. You hormones also need to rest as well to avoid laying down fat. PhD – NPR   (* delete after reading +**note I knew this prior to hearing it on the radio REM sleep part was new)
  1. Eat slowly. Take 20 minutes or more to eat. A hormone in your stomach (leptin) does not get to your brain in under 20 minutes. So if you eat fast your brain may not have registered that intake, and you may over eat.
  1. Use smaller plates and glasses to serve your food. Tall skinny glasses make you think you are consuming more. Smaller plates visually make it look like you are eating a larger portion of food.                   Brian Wansink PhD & Barbara Rolls PhD

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Looking for a good egg substitute ? Try Chia seeds soaked in water . Also the liquid from canned chic peas . ...

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What is the best way to avoid crying while cutting an onion? 1. Wear contacts . 2. Wear safety glasses or ski goggles ! ...

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Best way to cut an onion. Cut it pole to pole. It ruptures less cell. This way less chemicals are release that will make you tear up or cry. ...

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What's the best way to clean a sponge & get rid of germs ? 1 use a new sponge! Or 2 put it into boiling water ( rolling boil) for a few minutes - to destroy bacteria.
( America ' test kitchen )

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What is the dirtiest thing on the kitchen? The sink ! 2nd dirtiest is the faucet .Wash down the sink & faucet with soap & water every day . Wipe down once a week with bleach solution (2 TBsp bleach - 1 quart water .( Am test kitchen ) ...

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